Where to Stay in Toronto as a Tourist: Top Accommodation Options

Short answer where to stay in Toronto as a tourist: The best areas for tourists to stay in Toronto are downtown, Yorkville, or the Entertainment District. These neighborhoods offer convenient access to popular attractions, shopping, and dining options. Visitors can also consider staying along the waterfront or near major transportation hubs like Union Station.

Where to Stay in Toronto as a Tourist: The Ultimate Guide

As a vibrant and bustling metropolis, Toronto offers a variety of accommodations for tourists to choose from. With world-renowned attractions like the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and the Royal Ontario Museum, it’s important to pick a place to stay that’s not only convenient but also suits your budget and preferences.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on some of the best places to stay in Toronto so you can make an informed decision on where to lay your head after exploring all that the city has to offer.

Downtown Toronto

If you’re looking for convenience and accessibility, Downtown Toronto is the perfect location for you. This area is home to many top-rated hotels ranging from luxurious 5-star properties such as The Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons Hotel Toronto to more affordable options like HI Toronto Hostel.

Visitors staying in downtown will be within walking distance of major attractions like CN Tower, Rogers Centre (home of MLB’s Blue Jays), Harbourfront Centre, St. Lawrence Market (a must-visit for foodies!), Danforth Music Hall (for music/movie enthusiasts!) as well as endless shopping options along Queen Street West or Yonge Street.

Queen West

Famous for its hip vibe and artistic flair, Queen West is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Toronto. This area boasts boutique hotels such as The Drake Hotel and Gladstone Hotel providing visitors with a unique hotel experience that promotes local culture along with amenities such as art exhibitions or live music performances during their stay.

Queen west offers trendy coffee shops , stunning street art murals which are Instagram-worthy amongst young explorers . It has a plethora of restaurants serving everything from vegan eats at Doomies or plant-based bakery at Bunner’s – there are no shortage of dining options here !


For those looking for luxury accommodation while visiting Yorkville should be on their radar . Knowns for high-end shopping boutiques and fancy restaurants Yorkville oozes sophistication and glamour. Visitors can stay at The Hazelton Hotel or InterContinental Toronto Yorkville while admiring the upscale neighborhood and indulge in its lavish attractions such as spa treatments, high-end dining options at one of the many restaurants like Diwan or Scaramouche .

East End (The Beaches)

If you’re partial to a beach holiday but don’t want to leave Canada, The beaches in the East end of Toronto is your perfect getaway location. Beautiful homes fronting Lake Ontario lined up along Queen Street East on one side, a lively boardwalk on other with great indie shops , boutiques and famous ice cream parlours that offer some relief from summer heat.

Visitors looking for cozy bed and breakfast home stays by the waterfront or family-friendly hotels like Best Western Plus Executive Inn & Suites can take advantage of nearby attractions such as Ashbridge’s Bay Park or Woodbine Beach, both ideal places to spend a sunny day.

Kensington Market

For those who enjoy eclectic charm, visiting Kensington Market offers vibrant street art , vintage stores , unique coffee shops – everything but mainstream brands surrounded by multicultural neighbourhoods . With locally run hostels like The Planet Traveler Hostel here tourists are able to appreciate independent culture whilst living on a budget.

Toronto has something for everyone when it comes to choosing where to stay as a tourist. Identify what matters most for your particular travel experience and fit your accommodation accordingly. Whether you’re looking for luxurious uptown experiences or more casual vibes downtown – this city has all kinds of accommodation options that cater to every taste !

Top Places to Stay in Toronto as a Tourist: A Comprehensive Review

Toronto is a cosmopolitan city that has the best of both worlds. It has an intriguing history and a modern vibe that ensures there’s something for everyone. As such, it’s no surprise that this Canadian metropolis receives millions of visitors each year. However, with such a vast amount of options available to tourists, choosing the right place to stay can be daunting. That’s why we’ve prepared this comprehensive review that highlights ten top places to stay in Toronto as a tourist.

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1) The Ritz Carlton: This luxury hotel represents elegance from top to bottom. The rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of Lake Ontario or the CN Tower. Plus, their spa services are top-notch and will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered throughout your stay.

2) Shangri-La Hotel Toronto: Another luxurious hotel located in downtown Toronto, the Shangri-La is known for its tasteful modern decor and impeccable service. From relaxing by their gorgeous outdoor pool during the summertime to indulging in mouth-watering cuisine at one of their four on-site restaurants – this hotel is perfect for travelers who seek upscale amenities and style.

3) Four Seasons Hotel Toronto: If you’re looking for a high-end experience while visiting Toronto, nothing beats Four Seasons Hotel. The staff here are incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable about the city, so they’re always on hand to help with any queries or suggestions you may need throughout your stay.

4) Hyatt Regency: Situated in the heart of downtown near major attractions like CN Tower and Dundas Square, this classic hotel offers excellent value for money with all necessary facilities within reach.

5) Delta Hotels by Marriott: Close proximity to Air Canada Centre makes this option perfect if attending concerts or sporting events around town. With contemporary ambiance space paired with fantastic views over Rogers Centre & Lakefront setting – this establishment provides unbeatable comfort for those requiring five-star treatment without breaking the bank.

6) The St. Regis Toronto: This premium location boasts an upscale bar and lounge, personalized butler service to cater your needs, and a selection of over 1,800 paintings and sculptures from around the world. Experience all this and more at one of Canada’s most prestigious hotels in central Toronto.

7) The Fairmont Royal York: For travelers who want an iconic stay in Toronto, look no further than The Fairmont Royal York. This historical landmark hotel opened its doors in 1929 – it has since maintained its traditional charm with modern conveniences that include state-of-the-art fitness center and heated indoor pool.

8) Thompson Toronto: You can enjoy luxury amenities like a rooftop pool, gourmet restaurant, and fantastic spa facilities when you stay at the trendy Thompson Hotel. Located in the artistic neighborhood of King West Village with shopping districts nearby makes walking to attractions easy while also providing quiet respite after exploring busy city sites surrounding area.

9) Hotel X Toronto by Library Hotel Collection: A newly built option for having incredible city views outside-floor-to-ceiling windows is located directly on Lake Ontario shores so guests are welcomed with great waterfront scenery- make sure to visit their rooftop bar or infinity pool for best sunset party ambiance!

10) Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square: Conveniently located right next door to Scotiabank Arena means you won’t have far to go after catching a concert or game here – indulge in spa treatments too. Modern contemporary decor combined friendly staff offer guests unbeatable comfort throughout their stay making it one best lodging options available for budget-conscious travelers alike.

Hopefully this list helps guide your decision-making process by providing highly detailed reviews based on luxury hotels that will provide outstanding customer services along with comfortable accommodations suitable for all tastes & preferences whether traveling alone or planning family vacations couples trips adventure seekers retirees/group tours business occasions alike requiring relaxing atmosphere while providing easy access entering/exiting downtown core without any hassle. Toronto has it all – and these hotels represent the very best of city life!

Step by Step Guide on How to Choose Where to Stay in Toronto as a Tourist

Toronto is a vibrant and fast-paced city, and choosing where to stay as a tourist can be overwhelming. With so many neighborhoods and accommodations options to pick from, it’s important to take your time and do some research beforehand. To help make this process easier for you, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to choose where to stay in Toronto as a tourist.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget
Before you start looking at different neighborhoods or hotels, it’s essential to determine your budget first. Decide on the range of prices you feel comfortable paying per night, including any additional expenses like transportation costs or meals outside of your hotel. This will help limit your options right from the start.

Step 2: Consider Your Interests
Toronto has something for everyone, but depending on what activities interest you the most, certain neighborhoods may be more ideal than others. For instance, if you’re interested in shopping, dining out and nightlife then staying in downtown Toronto would be perfect for you whereas if you’re traveling with children then areas such as The Distillery District or Yorkville could work better.

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Step 3: Explore Different Neighbourhoods
Consider the different neighbourhoods that Toronto has to offer such as Downtown Core (Financial & Entertainment District), Harbourfront (Water Front), East side – Leslieville (Hipster scene), Queen West (trendy), etc., Research each neighborhood’s proximity relative to attractions and ease of transportation. By doing so, it will enable you to not only find an area that suits your needs but also saves time during transit.

Step 4: Look at Accommodation Options
Once you’ve selected your neighbourhood(s) of choice based on targeted points of interests practicalities related with transportations et cetera, look into accommodation options within that area. Decide whether an AirBNB or hotel is preferable over the other due varies reasons such as space requirements/Pricing Amenities et cetera

Step 5: Check Reviews
Before finalizing your choice, carry out additional research by checking the reviews of other tourists who’ve stayed in the same hotel or Airbnb rental. This will help give you an indication of what to expect regarding quality, service, and location.

In conclusion, Choosing where to stay in Toronto as a tourist isn’t an easy task, but taking time to carefully consider all aspects will lead you to a perfect choice. By using this step-by-step guide as a starting point for your search, you’ll surely have a comfortable and memorable stay in Toronto!

Toronto Accommodation FAQ for Tourists: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a trip to Toronto but unsure where to stay? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This comprehensive Toronto accommodation FAQ for tourists has everything you need to know.

Q: What are the different types of accommodations available in Toronto?

A: There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a place to stay in Toronto. You can choose from hotels, motels, hostels, resorts, vacation rentals (like Airbnb), and even houseboats!

Q: Which neighborhood is best for tourists to stay in Toronto?

A: It depends on what you’re looking for. Downtown or the Entertainment District are good options if you want easy access to restaurants, shopping, and major attractions like the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre. If you prefer something more residential with a local vibe, check out areas like Kensington Market or Leslieville.

Q: What is the average cost of accommodation in Toronto?

A: The cost varies depending on the type of accommodation and location. Generally speaking, expect to pay around 0-200 CAD per night for a standard hotel room. Hostels and vacation rentals can be cheaper alternatives.

Q: Is it safe to stay in downtown Toronto?

A: Yes, overall Toronto is considered a safe city. However like any metropolis one should remain vigilant at all times.

Q: Do I need a car rental while staying in Toronto?

A: Not necessarily – if you plan on sticking mainly to downtown areas then public transportation (TTC) may be sufficient especially using subway system which covers most popular tourist destinations. If however have plans outside that area day trips out things like Niagara Falls there may be benefit in having your own car.

Q: Is it better to book my accommodation beforehand or should I wait until arrival?

A: Depends when/if market is busy but generally speaking as long as booking process done via reputable website it doesn’t hurt to have a room booked ahead so that upon arrival you can check in either online or with front desk and be ready to explore.

Q: Are there any unique or unconventional accommodation options in Toronto?

A: Absolutely! How about staying on a vintage-style airstream trailer at the Drake Hotel? Or try out a boutique hotel room designed by a local artist at Gladstone Hotel, known as “the art hotel”? Or even look into staying on one of the many islands off the shores of downtown Toronto!

In conclusion, choosing where to stay in Toronto depends on your preferences and budget, but there are plenty of options to choose from. With this FAQ guide you’re well-equipped with all information needed for making informed decisions on your holiday accommodation choices ensuring it lives up to all your expectations.

Luxury or Budget? Deciding on the Best Place to Stay in Toronto as a Tourist

When planning for a vacation, one of the biggest considerations is where to stay. In Toronto, this can be quite a tricky decision as there are plenty of options available, both in luxury and budget accommodations. So the question is, which one is better for you – luxury or budget? Let’s dive deeper into some of the factors to consider when deciding on where to stay in Toronto.

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Budget Accommodations

For those who want to travel on a tight budget, opting for more affordable accommodations may seem like the way to go. There are plenty of budget-friendly places that offer comfortable rooms at competitive prices.

– More affordable rates
– Often located close to popular tourist spots
– In most cases, includes basic amenities such as free Wi-Fi and breakfast

– May not offer as many additional amenities (such as pools or fitness centers)
– Rooms may be smaller with limited services
– Service may not be as personalized

Luxury Accommodations

If you’re looking for a little more pampering during your stay in Toronto, booking luxury accommodations may be worth considering. High-end hotels exude elegance and offer unparalleled amenities that make your stay even more memorable.

– An extensive list of luxurious amenities such as spas, gourmet restaurants, rooftop terraces etc.
– Larger rooms with beautiful decor
– Personalized service – typically staffed to anticipate needs and preferences

– Of course higher nightly rates that increase overall trip costs
-Larger property sizes meaning longer walks from you room to common spaces /amenities

Factoring in Location

One factor crucial when making your decision would be considering location –if being centrally located in downtown might add less traveling time /Transportation expenses; therefore staying somewhere pricier around here might make sense if balance out entire costs incured during trip ,
but if exploring outside attractions taking a car , uber ride or public transportation regardless of location will incur equal expenses both at affordable /Luxury.

Overall, the decision to stay in a budget or luxury hotel depends on your preferences and circumstances. There can be cons and pros for each type of lodging available In Toronto . For some travelers, a budget-friendly place is suitable enough when they prioritize exploring nature or trendy neighborhoods . However , if you’re not looking to sacrifice any aspect on comfort side , luxury lodgings certainly have prideful perks that are worthwhile- As long as its within your allocated budget.

Neighbourhoods to Consider When Choosing Where to Stay in Toronto as a Tourist

Toronto, the capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada, is a popular tourist destination with diverse cultural, entertainment, and culinary offerings. It’s also known for its distinct neighbourhoods that offer different experiences to visitors. Whether you’re into art galleries or nightlife, shopping or dining, nature walks or sports games, there’s a Toronto neighbourhood that caters to your interests. Here are some neighbourhoods to consider when choosing where to stay in Toronto as a tourist:

1. Downtown: If you want to be at the heart of Toronto’s cosmopolitan vibe, then Downtown is the place for you. This bustling area has everything from skyscrapers and museums to theatres and sports arenas. You can walk along the waterfront and enjoy Lake Ontario views or explore the historic St. Lawrence Market for fresh food and souvenirs.

2. Kensington Market: For something more unique and eclectic, head over to Kensington Market, which is known for its vintage shops, street art murals, ethnic eateries, and indie music venues. This pedestrian-friendly district has a bohemian vibe that attracts artists and hipsters alike.

3. The Annex: If you prefer a quieter residential area with tree-lined streets and Victorian houses, then The Annex might be your cup of tea. This charming neighbourhood has many bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants serving international cuisines as well as historical landmarks such as University of Toronto campus.

4. Yorkville: Known for its upscale boutiques, luxury hotels like The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto or Park Hyatt Hotel & Residences , gourmet restaurants like Sassafraz or Cafe Boulud by Daniel Boulud , upscale Art Galleries like Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Gardiner Museum etc celebrate contemporary Art sitting among beautiful landscapes surrounding it . Yorkville is Toronto’s most fashionable district on rich Bay Street ..The area around Yorkville Avenue can get busy during TIFF Festival..

5.Cabbagetown: Once a working-class neighbourhood of Irish immigrants, Cabbagetown now attracts artists and young professionals to its Victorian houses, converted lofts, and community gardens. This bohemian enclave has a strong sense of local pride and hosts events like the Cabbagetown Festival for charity every year in September..

6. Queen West: Finally, if you’re looking for edgy fashion stores, vibrant nightlife scenes and diverse culinary offerings ranging from Brazilian to Middle eastern delicacies among many others , then head over to Queen West where some popular street arts , library bars or Drake Hotel with live performance artists draw lot of visitors from far and wide.

No matter which neighbourhood you choose to stay in Toronto as tourist, make sure to explore other parts of this city’s dynamic vibe . Toronto is blessed with some beautiful open green spaces such as High Park or Edwards Gardens must be included in your itinerary too. Have a great time exploring!