What to Do in a Day in Toronto: A Comprehensive Guide

Short answer what to do in a day in Toronto: Start with the CN Tower, explore the Distillery District & St. Lawrence Market, stroll through Kensington Market & Graffiti Alley, visit the Royal Ontario Museum or Art Gallery of Ontario, and end the day with a walk along the Harbourfront or enjoy an evening at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Exploring Toronto in a Day: The Ultimate Guide

Toronto, the largest city in Canada and a cultural hub of the country, is a must-visit destination for any traveler. With its numerous attractions and diverse neighborhoods, it can be overwhelming to try and experience everything in just one day. However, with careful planning and an adventurous spirit, you can explore Toronto like a local in just 24 hours. Here’s your ultimate guide to exploring Toronto in a day.


Start your day with breakfast at St. Lawrence Market, one of the oldest markets in North America. You’ll find fresh produce, meats and seafood alongside local favorites like peameal bacon sandwiches and butter tarts. Walk off your breakfast by heading south to Queen’s Quay West where you can rent bicycles or rollerblades if weather permits.

Next up, head to the CN Tower – the tallest free-standing tower in the world – where you can take in panoramic views of the city from the observation deck or indulge in an adrenaline rush by walking along its famous EdgeWalk.


By this point, you’re probably ready for lunch so head into Kensington Market for some mouth-watering street food options such as arepas from El Arepazo or dumplings from Dumpling House

Once you’ve satisfied your hunger pangs it’s time to check out one of Toronto’s largest parks – High Park located west on Bloor Street West through Roncesvalles Avenue – spanning over 400 acres with natural hiking trails that lead up to Grenadier Pond followed by scenic sunset views on hill points towards Lake Ontario.


As night begins descending across Toronto horizon head over to Ossington Village whose streets come alive after dark with a plethora of trendy bars such as Sweaty Betty’s (karaoke bar), The Drake Hotel (live music scene) or Reposado (for tequila lovers).

Before calling it a night don’t forget to stop at Nathan Phillip Square located right outside of City Hall. Here, the illuminated 3D Toronto sign will provide your followers with a perfect take-away from your digital trip to Toronto.

Toronto is an incredibly multi-cultural and exciting city that is jam-packed with things to see and do across its diverse neighborhoods. With this ultimate guide, you can be sure to explore everything that makes it special in just one day– making your visit to Toronto an unforgettable experience.

How to Make the Most of One Day in Toronto

Toronto is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, it can be challenging to fit all the city’s attractions into just one day. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to make the most of one day in Toronto:

1. Start your day off early.

If you want to cram in as much as possible, you need to utilize every hour of the day. Wake up early and head over to St. Lawrence Market (you won’t regret it). It’s a great way to start a beautiful day in Toronto.

2. Visit the CN Tower.

This is definitely an essential stop while in Toronto, so make sure you visit this iconic monument which showcases amazing views of the city from high above.

3. Grab Lunch at Kensington Market

Kensington Market is home to countless restaurants, cafes and food shops they offer everything from street eats outdoor cafe’s perfect for grabbing lunch or even brunch after a long morning exploring.

4. Explore Eaton Center Mall

After refueling, hit downtown’s popular Eaton Center mall located right across Dundas Square…shop away or just join thousands browsing these famous streets.

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5. Catch a view of Niagara Falls from Above

If you’ve got time before sundown makes it an unforgettable trip by taking tour flights toward Niagara Falls- seeing them from afar should be on everyone’s bucket list!

6.Explore Culture+ Art at The Royal Ontario Museum

Skip any chances for boredom throughout the afternoon by visiting one of Canada’s best museums that boasts an incredible collection of art, history & cultural exhibits across six floors where adults and kids alike will learn tons about Canada’s past and present.

7.Watch baseball @ Rogers Centre

Ending your long-day with entertainment doesn‘t come better if not catching a Blue Jay game at Rogers Center.

By following these simple steps,you’re guaranteed a day of pure fun and adventure, one that will make memories to last a lifetime! Toronto is perfect for short or long stays, there’s always something new to see and explore. So next time you visit, give yourself an extra day…you won’t be disappointed!

Step-by-Step Itinerary for A Perfect Day in Toronto

Are you planning a trip to Toronto and wondering what to do in this bustling city? Look no further! Here is a step-by-step itinerary for a perfect day in Toronto:

8:00 AM – Start your day with breakfast at Café Boulud. Located inside the Four Seasons Hotel, this restaurant serves up some of the best breakfast dishes in town. Don’t miss out on their classic eggs Benedict paired with a mimosa or latte.

9:30 AM – After fueling up, head over to the CN Tower, one of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks. Take the elevator up to the observation deck for panoramic views of the city. For an added thrill, try EdgeWalk – an outdoor walk around the tower’s edge, 1,168 feet above ground level.

11:00 AM – Next stop is St. Lawrence Market – a haven for food lovers and home to over 100 vendors selling fresh produce, meats and cheeses. Take your time strolling through the market halls and sampling local specialties like peameal bacon sandwiches or butter tarts.

12:30 PM – Now that you’ve worked up an appetite again, it’s time for lunch at The Fish Store. This family-run seafood restaurant has been serving fish and chips since 1930. Their crispy battered fish paired with tartar sauce is not to be missed.

2:00 PM – After lunch, walk off your meal by exploring Kensington Market – a vibrant neighborhood filled with eclectic shops, vintage stores and colorful street art. Be sure to check out Graffiti Alley for some Instagram-worthy photos.

4:00 PM – Make your way over to Queen Street West – Toronto’s hippest shopping district known for its independent boutiques and designer shops alike. Pop into Drake General Store for unique souvenirs or Holt Renfrew for luxury fashion finds.

6:30 PM – For dinner tonight, make reservations at Alo Restaurant – named one of Canada’s best restaurants for its exquisite French cuisine and innovative dishes. The tasting menu is a must-try, with options like lobster bisque and foie gras torchon.

8:30 PM – End your perfect day in Toronto by catching a show at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. This historic venue has been entertaining theatergoers since 1907 and is the perfect way to cap off your day in the city.

Toronto has endless possibilities for adventure and exploration, but this itinerary will give you a taste of all the city has to offer. Happy travels!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Spending A Day in Toronto

Are you considering spending a day in the vibrant city of Toronto? If so, you are in for a treat! Toronto boasts an endless array of attractions, activities and sights to see, making it an ideal destination for any travel enthusiast. But before you start your adventure, here is everything you need to know about spending a day in Toronto.

Where should I start my day?

Your day should begin with breakfast at one of the city’s iconic brunch spots. There are plenty to choose from but some popular options include Lady Marmalade, Rose and Sons and School. After fuelling up on delicious eats, head over to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) where you can indulge in art, culture and history.

What tourist attractions should I visit while in Toronto?

Toronto has no shortage of must-see tourist attractions! Some common favourites include visiting CN Tower for breathtaking views of the city skyline or taking a stroll around Kensington Market for eclectic shopping experiences. Another great option is heading over to The Distillery District; one of Canada’s most unique neighbourhoods with its preserved Victorian industrial architecture.

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What outdoor activities can I do while visiting Toronto?

Toronto is home to some exceptional parks that offer fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities. A few popular ones include 400-acre High Park which offers hiking trails alongside scenic cherry blossoms in early springtime; or pack your picnic basket(s), rent a bike and take off down Lakeshore Boulevard West cycling along beautiful Lake Ontario’s waterfront!

What foods should I try when visiting Toronto?

There is no question that if there is one quintessentially Canadian food item everyone must try at least once – it has to be poutine – French fries smothered in gravy with cheese curds on top. Other iconic dishes found throughout Toronto include Portuguese custard tarts (pastéis de nata), Jamaican patties and rotis, peameal bacon sandwiches at St Lawrence market also known as Hogtown Middles East and the famous Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s Deli.

Can I see any museums or art galleries while visiting Toronto?

Art lovers rejoice – Toronto is home to a plethora of noteworthy museums, galleries, and exhibitions. Some of the top-ranked spots include The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and AGO’s sister building, the Ontario Science Centre with interactive exhibits perfect for all ages.

Where can I explore Toronto’s nightlife scene?

If you are looking to experience Toronto’s after-hours scene, there is no shortage of entertainment options. From theatres featuring live performances to trendy nightclubs playing the latest music, the city caters to every taste. Some popular hotspots include Kensington Market’s eclectic bar scene with its colourful storefronts; if you’re looking for a more upscale vibe, head over towards King Street West up through uptown Yorkville.

What kind of transportation should I use in Toronto?

The best mode of transportation would be using public transit such as the subway system which runs throughout downtown and other suburban areas like North York and Scarborough. For leisurely sightseeing tours aboard buses that run from April to October (weather permitting) explore unique perspectives on your travel around. If you prefer walking or cycling at a slower pace join one of many tours that guide visitors through various neighbourhoods including distillery district secrets hidden within – an excellent way to get familiarised quickly!

In Conclusion

Toronto offers plenty of thrilling activities for travellers planning a day-long adventure filled with sightseeing attractions paired with activities out in nature. From intriguing neighbourhoods boasting unique dining experiences to world-class arts & culture venues suitable for all ages — this city has it all! So whether tourists are exploring alone or sharing memories with loved ones through fun-filled expeditions – they won’t be disappointed spending “a day” in charming Toronto!

Top Attractions to Visit During Your Short Stay in Toronto

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, boasts an array of beautiful sights. From cultural landmarks to scenic views, you’ll never run out of options to explore on your short stay in this charming city. But with so many attractions to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start and what places are worth visiting.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the top attractions that should make it onto your itinerary during your short stay in Toronto.

1. The CN Tower

Standing tall at over 550 meters high, the CN Tower is not only Toronto’s most famous landmark but also Canada’s tallest free-standing structure. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape from the observation deck or take things up a notch by experiencing the EdgeWalk – a thrilling hands-free walk around the tower’s edge.

2. The Royal Ontario Museum

If you’re a culture lover then no trip to Toronto is complete without visiting The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). With exhibits ranging from natural history and world cultures to art and design, there’s something for everyone here. Be sure not to miss out on Toronto’s must-see exhibition – “The Diversity of Life,” which features dinosaur skeletons and ancient artifacts.

3. Casa Loma

Casa Loma is another iconic attraction in Toronto. This stunning castle stands proudly majestically above midtown Toronto, offering guests a glimpse into what Victorian-era luxury looked like right here in North America. Explore 98 rooms filled with authentic period furnishings, secret tunnels and majestic gardens surrounding this fairytale fortress.

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4.The Art Gallery Of Ontario

Explore some of Canada’s most impressive art collections at The Art Gallery Of The Ontario (AGO). The gallery showcases contemporary exhibitions alongside Canadian classics and some International artworks amidst its grand halls highlighting paintings including some by Tom Thomson – one among Canada’s most beloved artists.

5. Harbourfront Centre

Located along Lake Ontario’s waterfront lies Harborfront Center – a cultural hotspot that hosts year-round events and activities. Enjoy picturesque views of the Toronto Islands, enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk, or indulge yourself in street food stalls & boutique shopping.

6.Royal Conservatory of Music

Music lovers should definitely make time to visit the The Royal Conservatory Of Music. With regular performances ranging from opera to jazz music, you’ll be wowed by some of the world’s greatest musicians performing at this venue in its intimate concert halls.

7.St Lawrence Market

Last but not least on our list is St Lawrence Market – one among Canada’s most beautiful markets. Get lost in the bustling crowds while indulging your taste buds with local delicacies like peameal bacon sandwiches or freshly caught seafood..

In conclusion, Toronto is full of amazing attractions and must-see landmarks. You might have only limited time to explore all this city has to offer but we hope this guide has given you an insight into where to start.Forget what they say about ‘short stay,’ after experiencing these incredible options which we’ve featured above , you’re sure to feel like a true Torontonian!

Hidden Gems of Toronto: Unconventional Options for A Memorable Day

Toronto is a bustling metropolis with endless possibilities when it comes to entertainment, dining and culture. But sometimes, the conventional options can feel a bit stale. That’s where hidden gems come into play – those unconventional spots that can make for an unforgettable day out in the city. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Graffiti Alley
Hidden away from the busy streets, Graffiti Alley offers visitors a glimpse into Toronto’s urban art scene. It’s located south of Queen Street West between Spadina Avenue to Portland Street and has become somewhat of an outdoor art gallery with ever-changing murals and tagging displayed throughout.

2. Allan Gardens Conservatory
If you’re looking for a peaceful oasis in the heart of downtown Toronto, look no further than Allan Gardens Conservatory. This beautiful indoor botanical garden offers free admission to its six greenhouses that have been welcoming visitors since 1910. You can admire exotic plant species from around the world there while also escaping to warmer climates without leaving the city.

3. Evergreen Brick Works
Located right on the Don River Valley trail, this former industrial site has been transformed into an eco-friendly community centre with farmers markets, gardens and various events year-round such as nature walks and film screenings; it makes for not only great place to enjoy but learn about sustainability efforts in action too!

4.Spectacle Island
This little-known island may be one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets — perfect if you want a peaceful respite whilst taking break from normal activities at Harbourfront Centre With its small cluster picturesque cottages which are available for rent during summer months (provided we all get past Covid) Spectacle Island offers tons of scenic hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of both Lake Ontario and skyline.

5.Culinary Adventure Activities

Toronto is famous for its multicultural cuisine — treat yourself (or someone special) by exploring food tours like “Savour Toronto Food Tours” or “The Culinary Adventure Co.”. These companies offer walking tours for sampling antipasti, tacos, Malaysian Street food and much more making for a memorable gastronomic experience as well.

6.Toronto Islands
A short ferry ride from the city brings you to a true oasis just minutes away Toronto Island. Here you can rent bikes or stand-up paddleboards; go kayaking, roller-skating or simply enjoy the many beaches at your disposal.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable day out in Toronto with these hidden gems. Explore the city’s urban art scene at Graffiti Alley, get lost in the greenhouses of Allan Gardens Conservatory , join Sustainability practices at Evergreen Brick Works visit these islands that is like mini vacation unto itself; grab adventurous food tour or head off to Spectacle island which is ideal for nature lovers looking for stunning scenery.Bonus: visiting some of these unconventional places will make you seem like an expert and impress friends and family who thought they knew all about Toronto!