Top 10 Must-Do Activities in Toronto for Your Next Weekend Getaway

Short answer what to do in Toronto next weekend: Visit the Distillery District for its Christmas Market, go ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square, or explore the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibitions. Other activities include shopping at Eaton Centre and strolling through High Park.

How to Plan Your Perfect Weekend: What to Do in Toronto”

Are you tired of spending weekends aimlessly scrolling through your phone or binge-watching the same old shows on Netflix? It’s time to plan a perfect weekend in Toronto that will leave you feeling refreshed and entertained.

The first step in planning a great weekend is to decide on your activities. Of course, there are plenty of popular tourist attractions like the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum, but why not try something new and unique?

Start by exploring some of Toronto’s lesser-known neighborhoods. Head over to Kensington Market for an eclectic mix of vintage shops, cafes, and street art. Or take a stroll through Leslieville, known for its trendy boutiques and artisanal eateries.

After exploring the city during the day, it’s time to unwind at night. Toronto has a thriving nightlife scene with options for all tastes. For those looking for live music, check out The Dakota Tavern or Lee’s Palace. If you prefer comedy, hit up The Second City or Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club.

If you’re an outdoorsy type who loves nature, then head to Toronto Island Park which offers stunning views of Lake Ontario along with bike trails and picnic areas – it’s just a short ferry ride away!

For foodies who love nothing more than indulging in some tasty delights then plan your eating adventures around some of Toronto’s best hole-in-the-wall joints like Pizzeria Libretto (for slices that taste like they’re fresh outta Naples) or Bar Isabel (for tapas so good you’ll stop picking up your phone while at dinner).

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After filling up on delicious treats wrap things up by getting into the sports culture: catch either a Blue Jays baseball game at Rogers Centre or cheer-on the Raptors basketball team at Scotiabank Arena where Drake often sits court-side as one of their biggest fans.

So there are endless ways to plan your perfect weekend in Toronto! Whether you love shopping, dining out or cultural experiences, the city has something for everyone. So ditch those weekend boring habits and get ready to explore one of Canada’s most vibrant and exciting cities!

Step-by-Step Guide for Making the Most of your Toronto Weekend

Toronto is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Canada, with a multitude of experiences to offer for visitors looking to make the most of their weekend. Whether you’re a culture vulture, foodie, or just looking for great shopping opportunities and outdoor activities, Toronto has got it all covered.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your time in the city and explore all that it has to offer:

Day 1: Exploring Downtown Toronto

Start your day by exploring downtown Toronto and its vibrant neighborhoods. Take a morning stroll along Queen West, one of the coolest streets in the city filled with trendy shops, cozy cafes and some fantastic street art murals. After that walk down the busy Yonge Street for endless shopping options.

If you are more interested in museums then head to The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) located on Bloor St. The ROM showcases extraordinary objects that recount tales of nature and world cultures from every corner of Earth – from fossils displayed in colourful galleries to timber temples reconstructed in their original splendour.

Post-lunch move towards Toronto’s iconic attraction CN Tower which is visible skyline form almost everywhere around downtown Toronto. Climb up over 500 meters to reach this massive structure’s viewing platform where you can take jaw-dropping views over Lake Ontario stretching away into the distance.This will complete activity for first day touristic side.

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In evening relax at revolving restaurant providing panoramic view on Rogers center or even at fine-dining Italian Cibo Wine Bar Streeterville which provides unparalleled Italian cuisine.

Day2: Experience Distillery District & Ferry ride

Take ferry ride early morning towards island view.It offers an incredible place full day out strolling through parks lush green surroundings.Enjoy beach activities like swimming,kayaking pagodas cycles rentals etc.This way check out Centreville Amusement Park for fun with kids or explore free public areas loaded with gardens trails paths etc.This would be quite refreshing break from the rush of city.

Post-lunch,head towards Distillery district which is pristine designed with Victorian industrial architecture which is best place to hang out and shop for art fashion accessories etc.With versatile restaurants alongsides bars and pubs.Don’t forget to taste Brewery beers at Mill St. Brewery or attend short courses in chocolate making at Somo Chocolate.

In evening admire Toronto”s skyline view while on-the-rocks at The Porch.Enjoy some ‘me’ time while you are here amidst hustle-bustle routine life!!

Day 3: Go Ethnic

Get ready to explore Toronto’s food and cultural diversity by heading towards Little Italy, Kensington Market &Chinatown known as historic landmarks bursting with variety of ethnic cuisine ranging from Mexican tacos to fresh homemade noodles and dishes plated in dumpling .Shop Local art collections, enjoy eco-products markets or relaxing street music with twists!

End your weekend tour visiting Graffiti Alley Street West , being a hidden eccentric spot showcasing city’s vibrant urban culture.

With these amazing stops on your list it will help you make the most out of

Frequently Asked Questions About What to Do in Toronto Next Weekend.

Toronto is a city that always has something exciting happening. From trendy bars, amazing restaurants, sunny beaches, and remarkable landmarks; there are so many options to choose from when deciding what to do in Toronto next weekend.

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To help you navigate through the countless possibilities available, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about what to do in Toronto next weekend.

1. What are some outdoor activities I can try in Toronto?

With its beautiful parks and green spaces, Toronto is an excellent place for outdoor activities. Next weekend you could plan a picnic at High Park or Rouge National Urban Park or head to the waterfront trail for a scenic bike ride along the waterfront.

2. Where can I find great food in Toronto?

Toronto is known for its diverse culinary scene with an array of international cuisines that cater to all tastes and budgets. You could check out world-famous St Lawrence Market or Kensington Market for delicious food stalls and eateries.

3. Are there any upcoming music concerts next weekend?

If you’re a music lover, then you’re in luck because there’s always something happening almost every weekend in Toronto! You could catch your favorite artist performing live at The Danforth Music Hall or Massey Hall & Roy Thompson Hall.

4. Can I explore art galleries in downtown Toronto?

Absolutely! Art lovers can explore contemporary exhibits at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), or the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA).

5. What are some family-friendly attractions available around town?

There’s no shortage of family-friendly attractions accessible throughout Toronto, which will keep children entertained and excited all day long! Visit The Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada for interactive exhibits designed with kids in mind or book passes on TripAdvisor to explore other fun places that cater well to families like CN Tower and Centre Island Amusement Park!

6. Are there any exciting nightlife spots worth checking out on weekends in Toronto?

For partygoers looking for exciting nightlife, Toronto has tons of bars and clubs. You could check out trendy rooftop bars like The Thompson Hotel or Guvernment Nightclub.

In summary, Toronto is a fascinating city with lots to offer visitors; so no matter what your interests are, there’s always something happening next weekend. So why not discover the magic of Canada’s largest city? With our list of frequently asked questions, you’re now equipped with enough information to make the most out of your visit to Toronto next weekend!