The only eCheck casino Canada guide you’ll ever need


Payment methods are spearheading casino innovation. While some platforms are rising organically due to the options arising from the use of cryptocurrencies, eChecks are a method that has actually been around longer than some people think. Despite being online for 20 years, eChecks have been on the fringes of casino payment methods up until recently. A new shift in the quality of scanning technology and the rise of mobile apps has resulted in more people seeking out eCheck as a way to play casino games – but how do they work and who are the leading providers in the industry? Let’s take a look.

A brief history of eCheck

Chequebooks themselves have been in circulation from as early as the 17th century. The traditional banking system as we know it today was built on the use of cheques as they provided a secure alternative to cash, could be receipted and logged, and had a layer of security that dealing in cash did not provide. Unlike other payment methods that switched to digital much earlier, eChecks first became a viable payment option in 2003. Following a few years where it was eclipsed by the likes of PayPal, and more recently, the emergence of Apple and Google Pay, eCheck has now found its audience as it has become compatible with most mobile banking apps. 

Once you have created a payment, the eCheck technology will take an immediate snapshot. It logs the cheque number, the amount and the payee details, and immediately registers them as a payment. Unlike the old days of cheques, where it would take anywhere between three to five business days to clear, this instantaneous deposit method has resulted in a surge of people using the payment system, and none more so than in the casino industry, where more casinos are using the facility by the day.

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Whether it is an eCheck casino Canada bettors use or those further afield, one of the main reasons it’s becoming so popular is due to the universal nature of the service. You’re not limited to one country or area, as long as you can use casinos that accommodate the payment method – but today, we will be looking specifically at the top providers in Canada. 

Top eCheck casino operators

Instead of rifling through dozens of operators and telling you the specifics of each one, we will tell you the common components to look for, and based on these factors, what our top selections are. Like any casino payment method, the two critical aspects are security and convenience. Other factors are secondary for most bettors, as the main focus is how quickly you can deposit your cash and how few issues you may have while doing so. When a casino accepts a payment method that doesn’t have the same popularity as traditional payment services such as credit cards or Apple/Google Pay, this brings into focus the company’s facilities. It means they’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate and expand their options to include all bettors, regardless of the payment choice they prefer.

Sports Interaction Casino (SIA)

One of the leading names in Canadian gambling, Sports Interaction Casino is an institution that laid the bedrock for the success of Canadian gambling, and nearly 25 years after they first launched, they continue to go from strength to strength. Canadian bettors from Montreal to Toronto and further afield have long known the quality of SIA’s operation. Given that they have provided bettors with the option to deposit via eCheck for several years now, their service is refined and their customer service is well equipped to deal with any issues that may arise when using this payment method. 

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888 Casino

As a shining light in the global casino industry, 888 Casino has a color scheme, logo and casino games that rival any of the big names. We aren’t just talking about the most prominent casino operators that allow you to play via an eCheck deposit – 888 has one of the most revered names in the world, period. As one of the top names in prominent gambling markets like the United Kingdom, 888 Casino has been able to use the funds from their success to onboard new customers who prefer to use eCheck and place their wagers on poker, roulette or dozens of other options the site has available.

The fact that they accept eCheck shows how much ground the payment method is gaining as a viable option. It also shows that with such big names moving into the industry amid a significant increase in technology, there will inevitably be more casinos that open up to the idea of allowing eCheck customers to use their services. 

JackpotCity Casino

Another digital casino stalwart that first emerged in the sector in the late 1990s, JackpotCity has long pioneered new and innovative payment methods within the casino sector. Renowned for its mobile app and secure service, you can’t go wrong with JackpotCity Casino if you’re looking for a dependable casino that effortlessly and seamlessly allows you to deposit via eCheck.

Although the company is based in Malta, they have operations in over two dozen prominent gambling locations, including Canada, of course. Given the length of time they have been operating successfully in the sector, we’d say that their commitment to using eCheck as a viable option bolsters the whole legitimacy and future of eCheck as a payment method.

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Final thoughts

These are not the only three top casinos that allow bettors to use eCheck; some of the other services we’d recommend include Ruby Fortune Casino, Spin Casino and Yukon Gold Casino. 

Although there are now hundreds of casinos where you can use eCheck, we conducted a long and detailed search, and the operators we have mentioned today all go above and beyond what you should expect from a casino. Seamless, quick service, 24/7 customer service departments, hundreds of options and a fine-tuned, reliable route that facilitates your eCheck deposit are all present in the casino services we have explored here.