Navigating Toronto’s Transit: Where to Purchase Your Presto Card

Short answer where can i buy a presto card toronto:

Presto cards can be purchased at any Shoppers Drug Mart, Gateway Newsstands, or at the TTC Customer Service Centre. They can also be ordered online at and mailed to your address.

How to Get Your Hands on a Presto Card in Toronto: Step-by-Step Instructions

In Toronto, public transportation is a way of life. It’s reliable, efficient and cost-effective. If you’re new to the city or simply tired of fiddling around with loose change for every bus or streetcar ride, getting yourself a Presto Card is definitely the way to go. This electronic fare payment system gives you easy access to all forms of transit in Toronto including TTC, GO Transit and even UP Express.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on a Presto Card in Toronto:

Step 1: Determine which type of Presto Card you need

There are two types of Presto Cards available – adult cards (for people aged 19-64) and student/senior citizen cards (for people who are 65 years or older or students between the ages of 13-19). Choose the card that applies to your situation.

Step 2: Buy your card

You can buy a Presto Card online at, at any Shoppers Drug Mart location throughout the city or at any TTC station. If you purchase it online, it will take about seven days for delivery.

When purchasing your card in person, be sure to have your identification with you. Your government-issued ID must have both your name and date-of-birth printed on it if purchasing an adult card; while senior citizens/students must provide proof of age and/or student status.

The initial fee for an adult card is $6 while the student/senior citizen card costs only $5.

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Step 3: Load up funds onto your card

Once you’ve got the physical card in hand, head over to one of these following locations:

– Online top-up
You can register online on for ‘automated top-up’ service where money will automatically be added into your account when funds are low.

– Auto-load stations (in subway stations)
Alternatively, you can top-up in local subway/ttc stations. These stations are equipped with self-serve kiosks that allow you to add funds to your card.

Step 4: Register your Presto Card

Registering your card online is optional but strongly advised. Doing so will help protect the value on your card in case it’s lost or stolen. You can register online at and create a user account where you’ll input details such as your contact information and payment methods.

Step 5: Tap On, Tap Off

Once everything above is done, you’re ready to travel! Simply tap on when boarding transit, and then tap off upon exit. By tapping off, the cost of the trip will be determined accurately which ensures you are not being charged any extra fees for transfer.

With these simple steps, getting yourself a Presto Card in Toronto is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Say goodbye to fumbling around with loose change for every ride and hello to efficient travel times without interruptions.

Toronto Presto Cards: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are you new to Toronto, or just recently learned about Presto cards? Do you have questions regarding the use and functionality of Presto cards in Toronto? Worry not; we’ve got you covered with a detailed overview of frequently asked questions and answers about this essential payment method in the city.

What is a Presto card?

A Presto card is an electronic transit payment system used for public transportation in Ontario, Canada. It allows riders to load funds onto the card and use it to pay for trips on participating transit agencies, including GO Transit, TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), MiWay (Mississauga Transit), York Region Transit, and more.

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How do I obtain a Presto Card?

To get started with a Presto card, visit any GO Station or Shoppers Drug Mart locations that sell them. New users can also order online at and have their card mailed to them.

How do I load money onto my Presto Card?

There are several ways to add funds to your Presto Card account. This includes:

• In-person or online using major credit cards
• Using auto-reload option when balance drops below a specific threshold
• At self-serve reload machines located at select stations

What happens if I lose my Presto Card?

Unfortunately, lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced without opening a new account and purchasing another one.

Do validation times differ based on whether I’m transferring buses or trains within the TTC network?

Nope! Because PRESTO represents one seamless fare payment across all transit agencies except Durham Region Transit here’s no separate time limit as long as your journey doesn’t exceed 2 hours per transfer (within 3 hours for TTC passengers). You don’t need multiple fares or transfers where you lose time waiting around to catch that bus on time!

Can visitors from outside Toronto purchase and use these metro passes?

Yes! Visitors are welcome to purchase these cards. They can use it for the duration of their stay and reload or take their cards as per convenience.

Do I have to tap on, apply a fare card at every point?

Yes – each rider must make sure to tap on with your card when you board and off when you arrive at destinations. This ensures correct payment is deducted from your balance on the Presto Card account based on your travel distance.

Can I use my Presto card anywhere else in Canada?

At this time, PRESTO is only available in Ontario, however, additional transit systems across Canada are working towards accepting PRESTO soon!

In conclusion:

Presto Cards make travelling in Toronto seamless and more comfortable than ever before!. Having a little bit more knowledge about them will allow anyone new to the city or visiting to confidently fit right in with the way we run our public services. From loading fares onto cards to knowing how they interact with other transportation companies, these FAQs should pave the way for using Presto cards without issues. Next step: getting into that queue!

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Exploring Your Options: Where to Find Presto Cards in the Greater Toronto Area

Navigating the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to public transportation. Thankfully, the Presto card has made life a little easier for commuters and travellers alike. The convenient tap-and-go payment system has become increasingly popular amongst Torontonians over the years due to its ease of use and convenience.

If you don’t already have a Presto card, fear not! They’re easily accessible at various locations throughout the GTA. Here’s where you can find them:

1. Online: The easiest way to get your hands on a Presto card is to order one online through the official website. Once you’ve placed an order, it will be shipped directly to your home within 7-10 business days.

2. Transit Stations: If you’re in need of immediate access to a Presto card, visiting a transit station is your best bet. TTC stations across Toronto as well as GO Transit stations throughout the GTA have self-service machines where you can purchase and reload your cards.

3. Shoppers Drug Mart Locations: Did you know that Shoppers Drug Mart sells Presto cards? It’s true! You can grab one on your next trip to pick up some essentials.

4. Service Ontario Locations: Service Ontario offers various government services including issuing new and replacement Presto cards! Get yours while renewing your driver’s license or registering for OHIP!

5. Gateway Newsstands: If you happen to spot a Gateway newsstand during one of your travels, be sure to check if they carry Presto cards for sale!

Now that you know where to buy them, there are so many benefits to using Presto cards beyond just accessing public transit services.So what are you waiting for – get out there and explore all that this great city has to offer with ease using a fresh new prestocarsumed by binge watching Netflix series for weeks on end? Pretend like you’re still hitting the movie theatres and get a Prestocard today!