Does Toronto Airport Have Sleeping Pods? Find Out Here.

Short answer: Does Toronto airport have sleeping pods?

Yes. Toronto Pearson International Airport has two types of sleeping pods – GoSleep pods and EnergyPods. The GoSleep pods are located in Terminal 1 and provide a private resting space with a reclining seat, storage, and charging station. The EnergyPods are located in Terminal 3 and offer a comfortable place to nap or relax with built-in music and a privacy visor. Both options can be rented by the hour or day.

Exploring Toronto Airport’s Sleeping Pod Options

Are you embarking on a long journey from Toronto Pearson International Airport and need some rest and relaxation before your flight? Look no further than the airport’s sleeping pod options.

Toronto Pearson International Airport has partnered with GoSleep, a company that provides travelers with pod-style seating that can convert into a comfortable bed. These pods are located in Terminal 1 near Gate D20, and each one features a privacy hood that blocks out sound and light, providing travelers with a peaceful and quiet environment.

But wait, there’s more! The sleeping pods also come equipped with USB ports to charge your electronic devices. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about lugging around cumbersome luggage as the pods offer secure storage space for your belongings during your restful slumber.

The sleeping pods are available to passengers for a fee of $14 CAD per hour or $38 CAD for up to four consecutive hours. Booking is simple – just use the touch screen outside of each pod or scan the QR code provided.

While other airports may have lounges or designated sleep areas, Toronto Pearson International Airport’s sleeping pods offer an innovative solution to help alleviate travel stress while ensuring privacy and comfort.

So if you’re looking for a little rest before jetting off on your next adventure, why not give Toronto Pearson International Airport’s sleeping pod option a try? You might just find yourself refreshed and ready for whatever journey awaits you.

How to Find and Use Sleeping Pods at Toronto Airport

Traveling can be exciting and stressful at the same time, especially when you have to navigate through busy airports. Hectic schedules, long layovers, and endless queues can leave us feeling exhausted and in need of some much-needed rest. Fortunately, Toronto Pearson International Airport has installed sleeping pods as a way to help weary travelers catch some shut-eye. These cozy cabins provide a private space for relaxation and sleeping during layovers or delayed flights.

Here is how you can find and use the sleeping pods at Toronto Airport.

1. Location

The sleeping pods are located inside Terminal 1 in the International Departures Area near Gate E77. Simply follow signs for Gate E77 to access the terminal’s sleeping pod area.

2. Availability

There are ten individual sleep pods available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations cannot be made in advance, so it’s recommended to arrive earlier if you want to get one.

3. Payment

Each sleeping pod costs CAD per hour for the first three hours with an additional CAD per hour after that until noon of the following day (24 hours). Payments can be made using coins or major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express at self-service kiosks located next to each pod.

4. Amenities

Each sleep pod comes equipped with a comfortable bed that electronically adjusts to support different body positions.
Additionally, they provide USB charging outlets for your devices.
They also offer speakers that could play white noise or calming music from your phone.

5. Restrictions

Since these sleep pods are open 24/7 guests must accept restrictions in place including escorting out guests who cause trouble such as snoring too loudly or disrupting other guests’ peace within their units (Please control yourself!).
Only one person is permitted per sleep pod which means couples will need separate rooms making them not quite romantic.
Finally but importantly – Delta Airlines passengers departing from Terminal 3 are unfortunately unable to use The Sleep Pod Area cautions airport clerks.

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In conclusion, travelling can be exhausting and unpredictable. Sleeping pods offer a convenient and restful option for travelers looking to refresh themselves while waiting for their flights.
Toronto Airport’s sleeping pods are a unique solution that offers privacy and comfort between connecting flights or on extended stopovers. With these helpful tips, you are ready to take advantage of this excellent service should you ever find yourself passing through Toronto Pearson International Airport. Happy Travels!

Step-by-Step: Renting a Sleeping Pod at Toronto Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport has been serving millions of travelers each year, and with the continuous improvements on its facilities, they never fail to impress. Among those notable transformations are the Sleeping Pod rentals that were introduced back in 2018. These pods came in as a comfy solution to give layover passengers a refreshing rest before proceeding with their trips.

But then we know that renting these sleep pods for the first time can be quite confusing. Hence, we have come up with a guide that will provide you with an easy step-by-step rental process of sleeping pods at Toronto airport.

Step 1: Go to your chosen location

The Sleeping Pods come in two locations at Toronto Pearson Airport- Terminal 1, Level 3 (near Gate F55) and Terminal 3, Arrivals Level (near Gate A4). Check your terminal arrival point and head towards either of those locations while following signs or making inquiries from airport staff.

Step 2: Select Your Ideal Sleeping Pod size

Choose which sized Sleep Pod suits you best by looking at individual pod options available surrounding the kiosk. They offer single occupancy accommodations (one person), designed similarly like mini hotel rooms equipped with beds according to their sizes -Small, Standard & Double.

Step 3: Make Your Payment

Once you have picked out your ideal pod size based on availability or preference if it’s occupied; visit the sleeping pod kiosk positioned near them; activate its touch screen display by pressing “Rent Now” option displayed on it. From there, it will lead you through different payment options – credit/debit cards or cash payment- for booking purposes accordingly (*note some pods may accept cash while others only take credit/debit card payments*). The total amount charged depends upon how long you want to rent them for- hourly rates per pod start as low as CAD $20 an hour (*time limit unravels as soon as check-in begins*)

Step 4: Collect Your Pod Access Code

After making your payment successfully, the screen will display an access code which you should present to the sleeping pod scanning device one of those available. This part is crucial to complete your booking. The access codes given provide automated entry to open the door locks leading you inside your booked and assigned sleeping pod.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Stay in Your Sleeping Pod!

From there, all you need to do is head towards your Sleeping Pod, use the access code provided from kiosk rental display and let yourself in! You might even love how cozy it feels inside with comfy beds, a reading light, air circulation facilities that allow either heating or cooling effects upon selecting preferred levels according to weather conditions at that time; they also provide free WIFI internet access and sufficient charging points so charge up your gadgets while resting peacefully before next departing flight schedule

In conclusion, renting a Sleep Pod at Pearson International Airport necessitates a few simple steps- navigating through terminal locations dividing them into terminals 1 &3 – selecting required sized pods based on available options nearby kiosks – making payments either via cash or credit/debit card cards form available self-service rentals kiosks – get receive codes shown after successful payment completion that allows automated opening lock doors and entrance into pre-booked sleep pods where one can relax await flights ahead comfortably!. When conquering inevitable exhausted states during long duration layovers in Toronto Pearson, having these small yet convenient mini marvels around seems like the best decision ever made.

Toronto Airport Sleeping Pods: What You Need to Know

Travelling can be exhausting, and the last thing you want is to drag yourself around an airport with heavy bags and blurry eyes. Thankfully, Toronto Pearson International Airport has come up with an innovative solution that allows travellers to catch up on some sleep in a comfortable, private setting- sleeping pods.

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Gone are the days when sleeping at an airport meant curling up in one of those uncomfortable metal chairs, trying to block out noise while attempting to find a decent position for a nap. With Toronto Airport sleeping pods, individuals can enjoy ultimate privacy and comfort without having to leave the airport.

Here’s what you need to know about Toronto Airport Sleeping Pods:

1. What Exactly Are Sleeping Pods?

First things first – what are Toronto Airport Sleeping Pods? These unique pods create individual sleep environments that allow weary travellers to take short naps or enjoy long periods of rest before their next flight. The pods are designed for single occupancy and offer ultimate privacy, comfort, and safety.

2. Where Can You Find Them?

The good news is that there’s more than one option if you’re keen on using these sleep pods during your travels through Toronto Pearson International Airport. They’re located near departure gates in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. So if you’re flying from YYZ on any international airline carrier or domestic terminal used by Air Canada or WestJet, head over to either area and catch some well-deserved ZZZs.

3. How Much Does It Cost

The cost of using a pod varies depending on how long you’ll use it for: CAD $20 per hour or CAD $50 per night (11 pm – 7 am). Each pod comes equipped with USB charging ports for your phone or laptop as well as power outlets in case you need them.

4. What Are The Benefits

Using these sleep pods may seem like an investment; however, it also offers several benefits that make them worth your time and money. Firstly, these sleeping pods offer an isolated and secure space for you to take rest up before your next flight. Secondly, they eradicate the hassle of finding a comfortable and safe spot at the airport which often comes with limited power points for devices that may run out of charge leading to frustration.

5. Where Can You Book In Advance

It’s worth noting that while walk-ins are accepted, reservations can also be made in advance on Toronto Pearson International Airport’s website or via their mobile application TPConnects (available on both Apple store & Google play). This helps ensure there is always availability when you need it most.

In conclusion, Toronto Airport Sleeping Pods are perfect for individuals who require some shut-eye in during transit. They’re a great solution for both regular flyers and first-time travellers looking for a comfortable place to rest during layovers or simply because their flights depart early morning. The cost and benefits make them well worth considering as an investment towards comfort at airports like YYZ where well-being is essential amidst travel-related stressors! So head over NOW and let yourself sink into the ultimate sleep experience at YYZ!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Sleeping Pods at Toronto Airport

As someone who frequently travels through Toronto Pearson International Airport, I am always looking for ways to make my travel experience more comfortable and convenient. So you can imagine my excitement when I first heard about the sleeping pods that are available at the airport. If you’re like me and curious about this new option, read on for everything you need to know about sleeping pods at Toronto Airport.

What are sleeping pods?
Sleeping pods are small, enclosed capsules that provide a private space for travelers to rest or sleep while waiting for their flights. The pods typically come equipped with a bed (either twin or double size), USB charging ports, and an entertainment system to help you relax. Some even offer optional extras such as WiFi connectivity, noise-cancelling technology, and mood lighting.

Where are the sleeping pods located?
The sleeping pods can be found in two different areas of Toronto Airport: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. In Terminal 1, the pods are located near Gate E77; in Terminal 3, they can be found near Gate B22.

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How much do the sleeping pods cost?
The price of renting a pod varies depending on how long you want it. For one hour of use, it will cost $20 CAD; for two hours, it’s $30 CAD; four hours costs $50 CAD; and six hours is priced at $70 CAD. Keep in mind that these prices apply per pod – if you’re traveling with someone else or as part of a group, each person will have to pay individually.

How do I book a sleeping pod?
Booking a sleeping pod is very straightforward. You can either reserve one ahead of time online or simply go to one of the kiosks located near the entrance of each pod area to make your reservation on the spot.

Are there any restrictions on who can use the sleeping pods?
There are no specific restrictions placed on using the sleeping pods other than being over 18 years of age. However, keep in mind that the pods are not suitable for individuals with restricted mobility as they require you to climb up and down a small ladder to access them.

Are the sleeping pods comfortable?
If you’re worried about whether or not the sleeping pods can provide a comfortable rest, know that many travelers who have tried them have reported liking their experience. The beds are reportedly very cozy, and the enclosed nature of the pod helps create a more peaceful environment compared to regular airport seating areas. Additionally, some pods even offer adjustable temperature control so you won’t be too hot or cold while you sleep.

What security measures are in place when using a sleeping pod?
In terms of privacy and safety, each pod comes equipped with a lockable door, ensuring complete privacy during your stay. Furthermore, after each use, the pod is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being made available for rental again.

While there may still be some skepticism surrounding this new travel amenity at Toronto Airport, sleeping pods offer an excellent way for busy travelers to get some needed rest during layovers without having to worry about missing their flights or paying exorbitant hotel fees. So if you find yourself at Pearson International Airport with some spare time on your hands and could use a little extra shut-eye (who couldn’t?), consider trying out one of these convenient capsules – your body will thank you!

The Pros and Cons of Using Toronto Airport’s Sleeping Pods

Travelling can be a tiresome experience, and getting some rest before your next flight can make all the difference. The Toronto Pearson International Airport has found a solution to this problem: sleeping pods. These techno-savvy capsules offer weary travelers the chance to catch forty winks or more before their connecting flights. However, as with every convenience, there are pros and cons of using Toronto Airport’s sleeping pods.


1. Privacy: Sleeping pods offer privacy that lets you rest without being disturbed by other travellers’ noise levels.

2. Comfort: State-of-the-art memory foam mattresses provide superior comfort levels compared to airport seating or benches.

3. Safety Guarantee: The sleeping pods come equipped with safety mechanisms such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors.

4. Novelty factor: It’s not often that one gets to experience sleeping in a futuristic-looking capsule-like contraption at airports!


1. Cost: Sleeping pod rates start from $20 for an hour, which is much more expensive than other non-conventional types of resting spaces such as yoga studios or meditation rooms.

2. Space Constraints: One may feel claustrophobic inside the small-sized capsule.

3. Time restrictions: With time restrictions ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours, finding the sweet spot between affordability and sleep quantity may be difficult.

4. Accessibility limitations: Limited availability means everyone might not get access to this amenity before their flight departure time.

In Conclusion,

The pros of using Toronto Airport’s Sleeping Pods do outweigh the cons, especially for those who dread airport layovers but have no choice but to undertake them frequently due to busy travel schedules in today’s world where travel has become a way of life- whether for business or leisure purposes.The sleeping pods offer privacy, comfort, and safety guarantees that make it an appealing proposition for anyone seeking quality rest during long waits between flights at the airport.

However, if cost and limited availability are a matter of concern, then other cheaper alternatives or regular airport seating may be better choices. Ultimately, it comes down to each individual’s preferences and budget when choosing whether to use Toronto Airport’s sleeping pods.