Behind the Scenes: Uncovering the Truth About Suits Filmed in Toronto

Short answer: Was Suits filmed in Toronto?

Yes, the TV series ‘Suits’ was primarily filmed in various locations in Toronto including Bay Adelaide Centre, University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall. The city served as a stand-in for New York City where the show is set.

Behind the Scenes: How ‘Suits’ Was Filmed in Toronto

There’s no denying that ‘Suits’ is one of the most popular TV dramas of recent times, with its engaging storyline, witty banter, and stylish portrayal of the world of corporate law. What many viewers may not know, however, is that much of what we see on screen was actually produced in Toronto – a city which has been quietly building up a reputation as one of the world’s leading filming locations.

So how did Toronto come to be chosen as the backdrop for this hit show? Well, it all began way back in 2010 when producer Aaron Korsh started working on a pilot episode for USA Network. Despite being set in New York City, Korsh and his team quickly realized that filming there would be far too expensive. Luckily for them, they found that Toronto offered everything they needed – from sleek modern offices to historic buildings –all at an affordable price.

Of course, shooting a TV show involves much more than just finding great locations. It requires skilled professionals who can manage everything from camera angles and lighting to sound effects and special effects. This is where Toronto really shines: with its large pool of experienced talent and state-of-the-art production facilities.

For example, many scenes were shot at the Bay Adelaide Centre – a towering skyscraper located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The building features sleek contemporary architecture both inside and out which perfectly suited the show’s aesthetic. The production team also utilized other iconic locations around the city such as Osgoode Hall – home to Ontario’s legal profession – as well as extensive street shoots throughout various neighborhoods like Forest Hill and Rosedale.

In order to create an authentic New York atmosphere though, certain visual tweaks had to be made by the crew during filming; yellow cabs were placed on location streets whilst some storefronts featured New York-styled logos or painted window borders depicting famous NYC landmarks such Empire State Building or Chrysler Building.

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One aspect of ‘Suits’ in particular that has garnered a lot of attention is its fashion. The characters are known for their sharp, stylish ensembles which at times seem to take center stage on the show. And yes, many of these outfits were sourced locally from Toronto’s talented array of costume designers and stylists.

It may come as a surprise to some viewers, but the scenes set inside the courtroom weren’t filmed in an actual courtroom at all. Instead they utilized soundstages. These elaborate sets depicted highly detailed faux-courts, complete with judges’ chambers and jury boxes – all constructed in order to accurately recreate real life New York courtrooms.

In conclusion then, while ‘Suits’ may be set primarily in Manhattan, it’s clear that Toronto played just as vital a role when it came to filming this hit TV show. It goes without saying that Toronto’s immense talent pool, diverse landscapes and well-equipped facilities made it the perfect choice for production crews looking for maximum impact on minimum budget – a win-win situation when it comes to producing hit shows such as ‘Suits’.

Step-by-Step: The Process of Filming ‘Suits’ in Toronto

Filming a television show, especially one with the caliber of ‘Suits’, is no easy feat. There’s months of pre-production planning, scouting locations, finding the perfect cast and crew, and then once everything is set in motion, there are countless hours spent on set filming each scene to perfection.

With ‘Suits’ being filmed entirely in Toronto, Canada – a city that has become increasingly popular for its production capacity – there’s an additional layer of complexity when it comes to filming. But as any die-hard fan will tell you, it’s all worth it for the incredible storyline and slick suits that have become synonymous with this hit legal drama.

So how exactly does ‘Suits’ come together? Here we break down the step-by-step process that goes into filming one episode:

Step 1: Script Development

Everything starts with the script. Once the writers have developed an episode’s storyline and dialogue, they hand over their work to producers who begin breaking down specific details such as location requirements for each set piece or stunt sequences.

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Step 2: Location Scouting

Next up is location scouting – finding just the right spot(s) where scenes can be filmed. This starts by identifying key landmarks mentioned in the script like courtrooms or law offices and then searching for real locations that match those descriptions.

In some cases, re-creating these environments from scratch using green screens or sets may be necessary if suitable settings are not available locally.

Step 3: Casting

Getting actors involved in a project like this requires careful management by casting directors who evaluate resumes and headshots submitted by potential candidates. They also conduct auditions to measure how well prospective actors can deliver lines while staying true to character creations introduced earlier on in scripts.

Step 4: Rehearsals

Before cameras start rolling at full speed during production days (which often last up to twelve hours), ensembles run through their lines multiple times– perfecting the same scene until it’s nailed down to provide more polished performance looks.

Step 5: Pre-Production

During the pre-production phase, there are many departments responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly, from costume changes to background music – not forgetting catering and accommodation for everyone involved too. It is also important to secure permits that allow cast and crew access for filming in certain areas.

Step 6: Filming Begins!

And finally, on the day of filming, all these preparations come together as a carefully coordinated dance with each shot treated like a delicate balancing act between camera angles and performances. Assistant directors diligently go over each stage direction and blocking plan with all those involved, bringing them up to speed on timing requirements needed to ensure completed scenes look seamless.

This process can sometimes mean lots of waiting around between set-ups and shots as adjustments are made, but when it all comes together before your eyes, that’s when you know the hard work has paid off.

In conclusion

The effort put into bringing ‘Suits’ episodes to life is no small task; however, producing such

Your FAQs Answered: Was Toronto Really the Home of ‘Suits’?

Let’s dive into the world of ‘Suits’, a hit show that took us on a wild ride of legal dramas, power struggles, and romance. Set in New York City, the show followed the lives of lawyers working at fictional law firm Pearson Hardman (later renamed Pearson Specter Litt) as they navigated their careers and personal lives. But as it turns out, not everything you see on TV is true – including the location.

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You may have heard rumors that ‘Suits’ was actually filmed in Toronto instead of New York City, but is this really true? The answer is yes! Despite being set in NYC, almost all scenes were filmed in Toronto with some second-unit filming taking place in NYC for establishing shots.

Why did the showrunners decide to film in Toronto instead of its designated city? Well for starters, it’s much cheaper to film in Canada due to tax incentives offered by both federal and provincial governments. This allows production companies to stretch their budget further and invest more money into other aspects like special effects or talent.

Aside from cost-effectiveness, Toronto has also become a popular filming location due to its diverse range of architecture and landscapes which can stand-in convincingly for many different cities around the world. For example, one iconic building used as Pearson Specter Litt’s office building was actually the Bay Adelaide Centre – a modern skyscraper located right in downtown Toronto!

Filming locations aside, there are plenty of other connections between ‘Suits’ and Toronto. The show was created by Aaron Korsh who studied at Osgoode Hall Law School – part of York University located in downtown Toronto. Many members of the cast also developed strong ties to Canada over time:

– Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane): Before marrying Prince Harry and becoming a member of British royalty herself, Meghan lived part-time in Toronto while filming Suits and even adopted two rescue dogs from an animal shelter in the city.

– Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross): Although born and raised in Los Angeles, Patrick developed a deep appreciation for Canada during his time filming Suits in Toronto. He even became good friends with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and was invited to attend his official swearing-in ceremony.

– Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen): Like Patrick, Sarah also grew to love Toronto while filming Suits there and has since made many trips back to the city. In fact, she’s been known to frequent several local restaurants which have become her go-to spots for delicious meals.

So there you have it – Toronto wasn’t just a setting for Suits, it played an important role in bringing the show to life! From providing cost-effective production options to inspiring its creators and cast members alike, it’s clear that this Canadian city had a major impact on one of TV’s most beloved dramas.