Are the Toronto Blue Jays Playing in Buffalo?

Short answer: Are the Toronto Blue Jays playing in Buffalo?

As of August 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Toronto Blue Jays are temporarily playing their home games at Sahlen Field in Buffalo, New York.

Are the Toronto Blue Jays Playing in Buffalo? Learn the Latest Updates

Title: Buffalo Bound: Unveiling the Latest Chapter in Toronto Blue Jays’ Unconventional Season

In a wild twist to an already unprecedented Major League Baseball (MLB) season, the Toronto Blue Jays have found their temporary home away from home – Buffalo! Yes, you read that right. The beloved Canadian team has set up camp just south of the border, as they tackle the challenges presented by the ongoing global pandemic with resilience and adaptability. Join us as we delve into the intriguing journey of the Toronto Blue Jays and unveil all the latest updates on their Buffalo escapade.

1. Navigating through Uncertainty:
While their Canadian fans initially held onto hope for a home-based season, it soon became evident that cross-border travel restrictions posed a significant obstacle. With utmost consideration for public health and safety, MLB mandated that teams based outside of Canada must seek refuge within US borders. This prompted a fervent search for suitable alternatives, ultimately leading to Buffalo’s Sahlen Field being chosen as the temporary abode of our beloved Blue Jays.

2. Home Away from Home:
Sahlen Field may lack the vibrant atmosphere that typically engulfs Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto, but it certainly brings its own charm and uniqueness to this unlikely scenario. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings and boasting impressive facilities, this minor league ballpark has quickly undergone a transformation to accommodate MLB standards – quite literally batting above its average.

3. A Slice of History Repeats Itself:
Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Buffalo has stepped up to bat when required by their northern brethren. Back in 2020 during MLB’s summer camp, Sahlen Field served as both an alternative training site for the Blue Jays players and hosted their “home” games against some formidable opponents. Suffice it to say; Buffalo proved itself capable then and continues to do so now.

4. Calling it ‘Buffalo-Blue-jays’:
With the team setting up camp in Buffalo, fans have hatched their own creativity, playfully (and perhaps unofficially) rebranding the Blue Jays as the ‘Buffalo-Blue-Jays.’ This quirky twist infuses a sense of camaraderie between Canadians and our hospitable neighbors, showcasing the resilience and adaptability that sports so often inspire.

5. Better with Time:
As the days turned into weeks, Sahlen Field underwent meticulous upgrades to ensure it meets MLB standards – both for players and broadcast capabilities. From ensuring proper lighting and modifying benches to sourcing quality turf to provide an authentically professional playing surface, no stone was left unturned in creating a worthy home base for our Toronto Blue Jays.

6. Embracing Challenges Head-On:
While this unconventional season is certainly not without its hurdles – including adjusting to new surroundings and occasional schedule disruptions – the Blue Jays have continued to march forward with unwavering determination. Meticulously adhering to strict health protocols while entertaining fans across North America through television broadcasts has become their rallying cry.

Despite unexpected detours along their journey, the Toronto Blue Jays have risen above adversity yet again, embracing Buffalo as their temporary sanctuary during these trying times. Through resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to keeping the spirit of baseball alive amidst uncertainty, the “Buffalo-Blue-Jays” continue to embark upon fresh challenges with vigor and tenacity. While we eagerly await their eventual return north of the border when conditions permit, Canadian hearts unite in cheering on our beloved Toronto Blue Jays from wherever they may roam!

Exploring the Decision: How and Why are the Toronto Blue Jays Playing in Buffalo?

Title: Exploring the Decision: How and Why are the Toronto Blue Jays Playing in Buffalo?

The 2020 season has been a whirlwind for sports enthusiasts and professionals alike, with COVID-19 throwing unexpected curveballs at our favorite teams. In an unprecedented move, Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays found themselves relocating to Sahlen Field in Buffalo due to cross-border travel restrictions. Let’s delve into the intriguing story behind this decision and uncover how and why Canada’s team ended up playing south of the border.

Understanding the Cross-Border Dilemma:
As global borders closed their doors during the pandemic, professional sports faced significant hurdles related to traveling across countries. With Toronto primarily drawing its players from various nationalities worldwide, including Americans, Canadians, Dominicans, and more, coordinating with immigration protocols became a daunting task. Increasing concerns over potential COVID-19 transmission during travel between Canada and the United States further complicated matters.

Seeking a Temporary Home:
Finding a safe haven where they could continue their season was paramount for the Blue Jays. After evaluating numerous options within baseball-friendly cities, MLB granted permission for them to temporarily set camp in Buffalo’s Sahlen Field – home of their Triple-A affiliate team, the Buffalo Bisons.

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Buffalo Emerges as an Ideal Destination:
Buffalo emerged as a natural choice due to its close proximity to Toronto while posing minimal logistical challenges. Just under two hours’ drive away from Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto, Sahlen Field offers convenience for both players and staff who could commute back home on select off-days if required.

Ample Facilities & Infrastructure:
In addition to geographical advantages, Sahlen Field boasts impressive facilities that met MLB’s stringent requirements when hosting top-level games. Its capacity accommodates around 16,600 spectators – perfect for maintaining social distancing guidelines amidst ongoing health concerns. The field itself meets major league standards for dimensions and amenities necessary for player performance at its finest.

Nurturing the Blues Jays Development:
Beyond immediate logistical conveniences, playing in Buffalo allows Toronto to continue nurturing their budding stars. Many of the Blue Jays’ young prospects have risen through the ranks, experiencing a gradual transition from the Buffalo Bisons’ AAA team to Rogers Centre. By having their temporary home at Sahlen Field, players will maintain a sense of familiarity and stability during this uncertain period, facilitating their growth as professionals.

Building Upon Existing Partnership:
Another crucial factor contributing to this decision is the strong affiliation between Toronto and Buffalo. Over the years, numerous players have traveled back and forth between these two teams due to injury rehabilitation or player roster swaps. By sharing facilities and resources in close proximity, both organizations have developed a mutually beneficial relationship that eases logistical challenges faced by each club.

The decision for the Toronto Blue Jays to play their home games in Buffalo was driven by a combination of factors such as cross-border travel restrictions, practicality, infrastructure requirements, player development considerations, and existing partnerships. As we cheer on our beloved Blue Jays from afar this season, it’s remarkable how both necessity and ingenuity have allowed for adaptive solutions that continue to bring us together – even when physical borders keep us apart.

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Catch a Toronto Blue Jays Game in Buffalo

Title: A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Catch a Toronto Blue Jays Game in Buffalo

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to catch a Toronto Blue Jays game in Buffalo! As the team was forced to relocate due to the pandemic, they found a temporary home in Sahlen Field. If you’re a passionate Blue Jays fan looking for an exciting adventure, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through each step with a professional yet witty touch so that you can make the most of your experience watching Canada’s beloved baseball team in Buffalo.

Step 1: Plan Your Trip and Get Tickets:
To begin your ultimate Blue Jays experience, start by planning your trip and securing tickets. Check the team’s official website or ticket reselling platforms for game schedules, availability, and pricing options. Be sure to keep an eye out for any promotions or discounts – saving some money always adds an extra thrill!

Step 2: Traveling and Accommodation Options:
Consider your travel arrangements when heading to Buffalo for the game. Whether you choose to drive or fly, it’s always wise to check traffic conditions or flight details ahead of time. To avoid any last-minute hassles during peak seasons, book your accommodation well in advance. Pro tip: look for hotels near Sahlen Field for convenience within walking distance.

Step 3: Embrace Pre-Game Excitement at Local Eateries:
Arriving earlier allows ample time to explore Buffalo’s delightful culinary scene before heading to Sahlen Field. The city offers fantastic dining options that cater to every craving. From craft breweries serving mouthwatering brews and tantalizing burgers to charming cafes offering delectable brunch menus – immerse yourself in the local flavors before indulging in some classic baseball action.

Step 4: Discover Buffalo Attractions:
If your schedule permits, take advantage of being in Buffalo by exploring some of its captivating attractions. From the stunning Niagara Falls to architectural wonders like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House, this city offers more than just baseball. Immerse yourself in its charm and experience all that Buffalo has to offer.

Step 5: Game Day! Arrive Early, Don Your Blue Jays Gear:
On game day, make sure you arrive at Sahlen Field with plenty of time to spare. Remember to don your Toronto Blue Jays gear to show your support with pride! Pro tip: bring a blanket or cushion for added comfort during the game. Grab some snacks and drinks from the concessions before finding your seats.

Step 6: Cheer Loudly for Your Beloved Team:
Once settled in your seats, let loose and immerse yourself in the excitement of being among fellow Blue Jays fans. Join the chants, wave flags, high-five strangers – get ready to become part of an amazing fan experience while watching Canada’s team thrive on the field. Let your passion be known!

Step 7: Capture Memories and Share Your Experience:
During breaks or when cheering subsides momentarily, capture unforgettable moments using your camera or smartphone. Share them on social media with enthusiastic captions and hashtags relevant to both Toronto Blue Jays and their temporary Buffalo home. Engage with fellow fans online who couldn’t attend – let everyone feel a part of this unique experience.

Catching a Toronto Blue Jays game in Buffalo is not only an opportunity to witness world-class baseball but also a chance to explore a vibrant city jam-packed with culture and culinary delights. By following our step-by-step guide infused with witty advice, you can make the most of every moment supporting your beloved team away from home. So pack your blue gear, prepare yourself for an electrifying atmosphere, create unforgettable memories, and cheer passionately as Canada’s favorite team conquers Buffalo!

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FAQs Answered: All You Need to Know about the Toronto Blue Jays Playing in Buffalo

The Toronto Blue Jays playing in Buffalo has become a hot topic among baseball fans. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the team had to find an alternative home for their games, and Buffalo became the chosen destination. As this move brings a lot of questions, we have compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs to provide you with all the information you need.

1. Why are the Toronto Blue Jays playing in Buffalo?
Due to Canada’s travel restrictions and concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, the Canadian government prohibited teams from traveling back and forth across the border. This prompted the Blue Jays to seek an alternative location within close proximity to Toronto, which led them to Sahlen Field in Buffalo.

2. Is Sahlen Field equipped for MLB games?
Sahlen Field is primarily used as a Triple-A baseball stadium for the Buffalo Bisons, a minor league affiliate of the Blue Jays. However, significant upgrades have been made to meet MLB standards, including enhancements to lighting, locker rooms, player facilities, broadcast capabilities, and more.

3. How does playing in Buffalo impact players and staff?
While it may not be their usual home stadium, players and staff have been adapting well to their temporary surroundings in Buffalo. The team has worked closely with both their MLB organization and local partners in ensuring that all necessary amenities and accommodations are met during their stay.

4. Are fans allowed at Sahlen Field?
In accordance with health guidelines and protocols put forth by both New York State officials and Major League Baseball (MLB), currently only limited seating capacity is permitted at Sahlen Field. The number of fans allowed may increase over time based on evolving guidelines.

5. How can I purchase tickets for Blue Jays games in Buffalo?
Tickets for Blue Jays games at Sahlen Field can be purchased through various outlets such as online ticket platforms or directly from official team sources. However, due to restricted seating capacity, tickets are expected to sell out quickly for popular games.

6. Are COVID-19 protocols in place at Sahlen Field?
Absolutely! The health and safety of players, staff, and fans are top priorities. Comprehensive protocols aligned with MLB and government guidelines have been implemented. These include mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing measures, enhanced cleaning processes, regular testing for players and staff, and more to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.

7. How long will the Blue Jays be playing in Buffalo?
The duration of the Blue Jays’ tenure in Buffalo remains uncertain as it depends on various factors such as the pandemic situation, travel restrictions, and potential adaptations regarding fan attendance policies. The team is continuously monitoring the situation while being prepared to adjust their plans if necessary.

8. Will there be any differences in game operations?
While some aspects may be different due to the unique circumstances surrounding this temporary move, efforts have been made to maintain a high-quality game experience for both players and fans alike. This includes utilizing advanced technology for broadcasting purposes, providing fan engagement opportunities through virtual platforms, and ensuring that all necessary game-day operations run smoothly.

In conclusion, the Toronto Blue Jays playing in Buffalo brings both excitement and challenges during these unprecedented times. However, the team has taken all necessary steps to ensure continuity while prioritizing the health and safety of everyone involved. So sit back, enjoy the games from your couch or a socially distanced seat at Sahlen Field, and cheer on your favorite team as they navigate this extraordinary season!

The Toronto Blue Jays’ Temporary Home: Inside the Details of their Season in Buffalo

The Toronto Blue Jays’ Temporary Home: Inside the Details of their Season in Buffalo

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on normalcy around the world, professional sports teams have been faced with unprecedented challenges. For the Toronto Blue Jays, a Major League Baseball team based in Canada, the dilemma of finding a temporary home for their 2020 season became a pressing matter. Unable to play in their usual home stadium due to travel restrictions between Canada and the United States, the Blue Jays had to think outside the box – or in this case, outside their country – and settled on playing their “home” games at Sahlen Field in Buffalo, New York.

While initially a letdown for Canadian fans who were eager to cheer on their beloved team from Rogers Centre in Toronto, the decision to relocate temporarily to Buffalo was strategic and practical. Sahlen Field was not unfamiliar ground for the Blue Jays; it served as their Triple-A affiliate’s (Buffalo Bisons) home turf. This familiarity made it an easier transition for players and staff alike.

However, what seemed like a straightforward move actually involved an array of intricate details that had to be considered and executed flawlessly. From logistical arrangements to facility modifications, here is an inside look at how the Blue Jays made Sahlen Field feel like home away from home.

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First and foremost came securing adequate accommodations for players and staff during their stay in Buffalo. The organization worked tirelessly to find suitable housing options that would ensure comfort and convenience while adhering to strict health protocols. They promptly identified hotels near Sahlen Field that met these criteria, giving everyone involved peace of mind during uncertain times.

On-the-field preparations were also paramount. Given that they would essentially be using another team’s ballpark as their own, customization was essential. The Blue Jays transformed Sahlen Field into a space that embodied their brand identity by installing signage showcasing team logos and colors throughout the stadium – allowing visiting teams to know that they were stepping into the Blue Jays’ realm.

The fan experience was not overlooked either, as efforts were made to recreate the vibrant atmosphere typically found at home games in Toronto. While no spectators were allowed due to health and safety concerns, the Blue Jays leveraged technology by incorporating artificial crowd noise during broadcasts and engaging fans on social media platforms. This creative approach helped maintain a sense of connection between the team and its supporters, even from a distance.

Of course, playing in Buffalo came with unique challenges that needed to be addressed. Players had to adapt to subtle differences in ballpark dimensions, such as the outfield fence angles and distances – elements that could impact defensive strategies and offensive production. The coaching staff worked meticulously with players to ensure they made necessary adjustments and maintained their competitive edge.

Despite these adaptations, there was an undercurrent of excitement amongst players; they embraced Sahlen Field as their temporary sanctuary where they could continue pursuing their passion for baseball despite unprecedented circumstances. As a testament to their resilience, the Blue Jays overcame obstacles related to their change in environment and clinched a playoff spot.

While Sahlen Field may not have been the ideal “home away from home” scenario initially envisioned by the organization or its fans, it ultimately proved itself as a valuable asset for navigating an extraordinary season. The Blue Jays demonstrated adaptability both on and off-field while maintaining professionalism and camaraderie during this challenging time.

As we look back on this chapter in the team’s history, it serves as a reminder of how sports can bring people together even when physical barriers exist. The Toronto Blue Jays season in Buffalo not only showcased exceptional talent but highlighted the resilience of athletes who banded together and ensured that nothing would stand in their way – not even playing 1,000 kilometers away from home.

Discovering the Fan Perspective: What Locals Think of the Toronto Blue Jays in Buffalo

Title: Discovering the Fan Perspective: What Locals Think of the Toronto Blue Jays in Buffalo


When it comes to professional sports, few things foster a sense of community and pride like having a beloved team to call your own. So, when news broke that the Toronto Blue Jays would be temporarily relocating to Sahlen Field in Buffalo for the 2020 MLB season, it generated both excitement and curiosity among baseball fans. As part of our ongoing exploration into fan perspectives, we ventured into Buffalo to uncover what locals really think about this unexpected turn of events.

1. A Historic Baseball Town:
Buffalo holds a unique position in American sports history, being home to one of the oldest professional sports teams in existence – The Buffalo Bisons. With a rich baseball tradition dating back over 135 years, locals have developed an enduring love affair with America’s pastime. This historic backdrop ensures that Buffalonians are deeply passionate and knowledgeable about the game, making them more than ready to embrace their temporary Major League neighbors.

2. Identity Transplant:
Having endured numerous challenges in recent years, including economic setbacks and political turmoil, Buffalo has been seeking ways to rekindle its vibrancy and revitalize its identity. The arrival of the Blue Jays has injected a much-needed dose of excitement into the city’s sporting landscape, allowing residents to bask in newfound glory as they cheer on these big-league players within their own backyard.

3. Making Sahlen Field Their Own:
While traditionally known as the home field for the Buffalo Bisons, Sahlen Field quickly transformed into a sea of blue as fans rallied behind their adopted team—the Toronto Blue Jays. These loyal Buffalonian supporters exemplified their unwavering dedication by cheering louder than ever before from those grandstands while donning both vintage Jays gear and proud local regalia. It became clear that they were eager to make Sahlen Field feel like home for their Canadian visitors.

4. Growing the Fan Base:
Buffalo’s proximity to Toronto presented a unique opportunity for the Blue Jays, as their temporary relocation allowed them to tap into an entirely new fan base. The newfound accessibility of watching MLB games sparked enthusiasm among both lifelong baseball fans and newcomers alike. This fusion of avid Buffalo baseball lovers and die-hard Jays followers created an enchanting atmosphere where passion flowed freely, uniting two distinct communities through a shared love for the game.

5. Embracing Opportunity Amidst Challenges:
Although there were initial concerns about hosting Major League Baseball in one of its minor league parks, Buffalonians have shown incredible adaptability and resilience in welcoming the Blue Jays with open arms. The challenges of transforming Sahlen Field into a suitable environment for top-tier professional players were met head-on by local organizers, whose tireless efforts left no doubt that Buffalo was ready for this grand stage.


The Toronto Blue Jays’ temporary relocation to Buffalo has proven to be much more than just another chapter in the city’s storied sports history. It has reignited passion, fostered community bonds, and showcased both Buffalo’s unwavering love for baseball and its remarkable ability to seize unexpected opportunities. As fans gather at Sahlen Field, they are not only cheering on their adopted team but also celebrating the chance to witness history unfold before their eyes—a testament to both their dedication as fans and their hometown pride.